Read This and You’ll Think It All Makes Sense

It’s not easy to keep up with the new digital media, much less understand it. But this provocative article in Ad Age, by Doug Levy and Bob Garfield, offers a look at the big picture. In their eyes, we’re living at the dawn of the Relationship Era, and as a result, everything we used to know about marketing is now wrong.

On a similar theme, see for yourself what all the buzz is about regarding the “10 fresh realities of the Digital Age,”  a slide presentation by Lee Rainie, Director of the Pew Internet Project. In fact, have a look at the slide presentation itself.

#Interview: Nicole Harrison is the founder of and host of #nptalk

Nicole Harrison is the founder of SocialNicole, a Minneapolis agency that provides online and social media communications services for businesses and nonprofits. She is also the host of a weekly Twitter chat about nonprofits, #NPTalk. The interview was conducted by Don Akchin, a principal of Nonprofit Marketing 360 and a frequent contributor to the MKCREATIVE blog.

NPM360: Does your agency provide only online services?

NICOLE: Actually, no. What you see on our website is pretty much geared towards online, but we’re actually doing some strategic on-the-ground fundraising help for small nonprofits, such as sponsorships and building their base. A lot of clients come for social media but they need all these other pieces as well. We try to offer solutions and help them see how these different pieces tie together.

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#Interview: Mike Kujawski, VP at CEPSM, Blogger & Speaker on Social Media

Mike Kujawski is Vice President of Strategic Marketing & Digital Engagement at the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing (CEPSM). Mike blogs at Public Sector Marketing 2.0, speaks frequently on social media and serves public sector and non-profit clients internationally. The interview was conducted by Don Akchin, a principal of Nonprofit Marketing 360 and a frequent contributor to the MKCREATIVEnonprofit blog.

NPM360: I noticed that you deal not only with nonprofits but the public sector. Do they have the same kind of problems?

MIKE: No, definitely different, but there is this common theme of wanting to do social good – not pushing a product or service down people’s throats with the sole aim of making money. There’s a difference between a nonprofit of five people, with one person wearing multiple hats, and a government organization with multi-million dollar budgets, of course. It’s like night and day. But when you look at the individuals, the actual people involved in running the programs and services, there is much less difference.

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Social Networks: Are Nonprofits Mellowing Their Expectations For Facebook?

Facebook's Tombstone from 2008
News of its demise have been greatly exaggerated

Facebook hemorrhaged users last month: some 5% of its US, Canadian, and UK users left the service – some 6 million folks unfriended the social network in the US alone. The drop is statistically significant in scope, but not in time, because numbers of participants vary as wildly as the unemployment rate from month to month.

That said, the possibility of a Facebook IPO in early 2012 means investors, and thus the media, will be keeping an eye on those numbers to see if a trend is being established. A handy synopsis of reactions to the falloff from Facebook can be found by Richi Jennings at ComputerWorld.

What is better established through surveys of use of Facebook over a longer period of time is that nonprofits and charities are growing more nuanced in their understanding of what to expect with engagement with their donors and volunteers through the network. Idealware has just published the results of its survey of over 500 nonprofit staff members to get a sense of what they in their organizations’ Facebook activities. The premise of the survey and study was to see if the romance with the beauty of Facebook were already waning: “Nonprofits are increasingly told that they “need to be on Facebook,” and countless gurus and experts offer them advice for maximizing their Facebook presence to get the most return. But are nonprofits actually seeing results, or is Facebook just a bandwagon that’s not going anywhere?”

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Social Networks: Apple Integrates Twitter In Operating System-Whither Facebook?

An Apple Logo With Twitter BirdFor the Apple-centric, Apple-desirers, and Apple-nutcases, a Steve Jobs keynote at the WWDC (World Wide Developers’ Conference) is worth two offered by mere mortals – even those on Cupertino’s payroll. This past week in California, Apple announced a number of features that focused on a ‘post-pc’ world (not a world without personal computers, but a world in which the personal computer is but one device among various access points to ‘the cloud’).

The features were all a part of new operating systems – iOS 5 for iPhones and iPads and OS X, Lion, for the computers. For our chat today, though, we want to focus on one aspect of iOS that is getting some attention for how it might skew social networks come September: Apple integrated Twitter access throughout its iOS 5 package.

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How-To: Review & Refresh Settings On Your Facebook Business Page

A window of Facebook privacy settingsWe have discussed the ways to set up a Facebook account as either an individual or a business, and how the differences can be important for how your organization wants to reach out to people. We have also encouraged the use of the ‘Events’ feature in Facebook to advertise upcoming functions. But with so much new stuff to learn in/about Facebook (including face recognition, which we shall discuss in the near future), one might forget the need to check up on the basics to make sure they are also working to your best advantage.

For example, how many people have access to edit your organization’s Facebook account? Probably at the start one person did most of the work. But what if that person is not available or has moved to another company? Can someone else take over the duties of keeping your organization’s page current?

Remember: a business page serves a whole different set of needs from a personal page. You want the world to find your page, find it often, and share it with anyone and everyone (something few of us over 20 want to have happen to our personal pages). So, as Facebook periodically adjusts its privacy settings, you should periodically review those settings.

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Social Networking: How to Create Your Group’s Facebook Page… and Promote it


Facebook Follow Us Icon

Using Facebook is somewhere between easy-peasy and dauntingly complex. As we reported previously, the only really unalterable decision is the first one: do you set up a personal account or a Page for a group, business, band, or nonprofit? Though even that decision can now be adjusted, the adjustment goes only one time and one way. Better to consider in advance who ‘you’ are and what you want to represent.


Once you have decided to get your nonprofit organization or cause online via its Page, you want then to consider some of the best practices for getting people to the page. Alison Zarella (née Driscoll) presents four great examples of how best to bring people to your organization’s page, and get them engaged.

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