#FUNDRAISING: Paul Jolly of Jumpstart Growth Explores The Spiritual Side Of Donors

Paul Jolly's fundraising organization
The soul of fundraising

Raising money for a nonprofit or charity is tough work. With the focus of the organization on fundraising, it is not surprising that outreach tends to focus on the numbers (the thousands who benefit from the nonprofit’s work, the millions required to keep such work going, the hundreds of people asked to give…). In this first part of our video interview with Paul Jolly, Founder and President of Jump Start Growth Incorporated, we learn that the numbers really should be the last concern of a nonprofit or charity, not the first. For Paul and Jump Start Growth, the first concern is the personal, the spiritual, connection between the donor and the cause she or he wants to support. Where is your organization’s focus?

Paul Jolly speaks with us about the human and spiritual sides of relationship building and fundraising. The dollars will flow in as focus is put on donors’ more personal concerns.

We shall return to Paul early in the new year to talk about Jump Start Growth’s developing new website and blog, and what he sees as the near future of fundraising. We hope you will join us then, and look for our story on promoting your organization on Facebook via mobile devices next week!