#HOWTO: Tweak Your Organization’s Facebook Site For Graph Search

Facebook's Graph Search
Help your supporters find your organization on Facebook

Last week we talked about what Facebook’s latest feature, Graph Search, is (Namely, a way to combine keywords, categories, and what friends are saying about them within Facebook) and it is not (Namely, a challenger to Google’s search algorithms across the internet). This week we want to help you and your organization make the most of the new feature by prepping the content you post on Facebook.

First and foremost (and this tweak applies to any images you post on your blog or website, much less your Facebook Timeline), tag your images and identify them. Such terms will show up in people’s searches (both Graph & Google). What else?

Facebook offers the opportunity to create a (rather) personalized URL, which is both easier for humans to remember, and will likely be used by humans who are searching for what your organization does or is.

Within your account’s information, make sure everything is up-to-date. Take time to review what Categories and Subcategories you have given your organization as well. These categories are likely to be some of the quickest ways for a new donor or volunteer to find you, especially those who are near you geographically.

And whatever you add should be relevant and engaging to the audience you are wanting to attract. Keep your icon on your page, but do update that header image periodically.

As a nonprofit or charity organization, you are likely wanting to be found by any relevant means or combination available. But as an individual, you might want to scale back the ability for anyone in the Facebookiverse to find out your likes and where you like them. Patrick Nelson has a useful short list of tweaks at TechWorld.com you can make to your privacy settings to circumscribe how broadly your information is shared (to friends, friends-of-friends, or to no one). Did you know that you can request other Facebook users to untag you and/or delete contact on their sites that refer to you?

Of course, when it comes to our online lives (and our tattoos), is anything ever really deleted?

If you’re fighting the good fight, you will want supporters and comrades-in-arms. So take a few moments to review your site’s less obvious containers in which information can be shared, and surely soon your social graph will reach out to your desired community.