Outrageous Fortune for Marketers

Bow & Arrow
(Photo credit: ganesha.isis)

Those of us in the marketing profession have taken a few slings and arrows in recent days. First a consumer study commissioned by Adobe found that marketers were held in low esteem by the consuming public. How low? Lower than bankers. Lower than lawyers! Even lower than politicians (ouch!).

Then Forbes takes it one step farther with a column entitled “The End of the Expert: Why No One in Marketing Knows What They’re Doing.”  People trained in the classic ways of advertising and marketing are useless as we transition into digital and social marketing, says the chairman of  Razoo, a digital agency which, we must assume, has achieved pre-eminence by not positioning itself as an expert.

Well, I don’t hold telemarketers and late-night-TV pitchmen in high esteem either. And it’s impossible to be truly expert in a field that experiences a major revolution about every 72 hours. But I think the underlying principle of all marketing – that you put the customer, not the product, at the center of your enterprise – remains valid, even in the digital era.

What do you think?