Your Story, As Told By Others

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Photo credit: Wikipedia

The American Red Cross took a risk last year: it mailed video cameras to 300 families or individuals who had received services from Red Cross and asked them to tell their stories. The risk paid off with a brilliant campaign, featuring 25 home-made video testimonials edited to about 30 seconds each.

It’s brilliant, in my opinion, because it has:

  1. Good Storytelling. People respond to people stories. This is a response hard-wired in our brains – literally.
  2. Credible Sources. Who are you more likely to believe: somebody who says how great you are, or you telling me how great you are?
  3. Authenticity. You can’t get much more authentic than real victims of traumatic events telling their stories in their own words, and looking you right in the eyes.

For more insight into Red Cross’s thinking on this project, check out this brief interview with senior communications professionals.